Farmer Reports Flying Jelly

24 May, 2005

UFOs apparently come in all shapes and sizes - but have you ever heard of a flying jelly mould?

Perhaps that's why the farmers wife who saw this craft in a copse near her home in Ruthin, Vale of Clwyd, left it a year before passing on her account to the Welsh Federation of Independent Ufologists.

The woman, who prefers not to be named, was preparing food in the kitchen of her home when something attracted her attention through the window.

So much so that she went out into the garden and into the wooded area at the back of her home.

Several yards inside the wood she saw an object which resembled the silver shape of an old fashioned jelly mould sitting on the ground.

Whilst it initially looked inanimate - its body glinted in the sun on this September morning in 1992 - the ridges looked different than the rest of the vessel and above it were rotating oval balls of silver.

The woman was fixed to the spot for several minutes before remembering that she had a camera close at hand inside her house.

When she rushed back towards her earlier vantage point she watched as the object hovered above the ground and appeared to fly away before her eyes.

The woman was unable to estimate the object's size other than to say it was small.

Story courtesy of ufologist Margaret Fry